Thursday, October 16, 2014

Home Decor that Draws the Line Secret

DRAW BOLD BLACK LINES ARE USED TO MAXIMUM EFFECT IN THESE DECEPTIVE DESIGNS. Consequent from one of the best primary building blocks of art – the line drawing –these amazing pieces tread a fine line (quite literally) between special size, often causing one to do a duel obtain. Based on two-dimensional line drawings to create three-dimensional shapes, the Les Ailes Noires collection of shelves, racks and a mirror by Canadian studio +tongtong lures people in for a closer inspection by tricking their perceptions of space and volume.

Drawing along the same lines, but with an added edge is the Tilt rack by German designer.It may look like a Simple sketch of a locker on the wall, this deceptive piece can in fact unfold outwards to morph into a clothes rail with the help of rotatable joints, which can be locked into position. This collapsible design won Tina the second prize of the D3 Contest for young designers at the furniture show earlier this year.

A similar optical illusion is applied to the POV (point of view) and Bottle candle made by Sweden’s Note Design  Studio and Dutch designer Peter van de  Water respectively. When viewed face  on, these holders appear like flat graphic outlines. It’s only when they’re seen at  another angle that the playful objects unveil  themselves to be three-dimensional. This simple yet dramatic idea is  interpreted on a larger scale by London-based designer Michael Anastassiades. By rethinking the role of the often-overlooked electric cables of pendant lamps, Michael’s  series of String lights for Flos uses these cords to outline volumes and geometric shapes that are suspended in mid-air – just like line drawings.

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