Friday, October 31, 2014

Decorating Tips with Mirrors Enhanced with Floral Arrangements

Mirrors are every home decorator’s must-have for the open, airy spaces they can create and the light they can diffuse with very few sources. But you can take this further. How about using flowers and greenery to add that warm, happy feeling to your interiors? Using floral or leaf arrangements is actually very easy. Just use your imagination and some of the stuff you have lying around and go for it. Here’s what you can do--

Select the Mirror and Glue

Pick up any simple mirror you have in your home and if it doesn't have a frame, check out your local custom mirrors store and get one. It is always preferable to use hot glue. That’s because hot glue is not permanent in nature, especially on non-porous surfaces. At a later date, if you feel you need to redo your frame, you can simply peel off the attachments and paste on new ones.

Fresh Flowers and Leaves in Vases

Let’s try something basic first. Arrange the flowers and greens into any vase you have at home. Say, you have had a birthday and you have all these bouquets. You could make them last you longer by setting them up in a vase and setting the vase in front of a mirror. The reflected flowers will make the vase seem bigger and you can add a cheery feel to your room.

Wreaths and Garlands

You can use wreath hangers to arrange the wreaths to hang on your mirror. Fit one on the top of your mirror and if you are using a metal hanger, bend it to experiment with different hanging styles. You can also hang garlands of flowers around your mirror. Try S-shaped hooks that are easier to conceal below the foliage you want to hang.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers also look so very beautiful and you could simple let your wreaths and garlands dry out. Only make sure you trim out the unsightly ones and cover the gaps left behind by the drying foliage. Of course, you could always buy dried flowers and arrange them around your mirror according to your own personal style.

Artificial Flowers

Silk and paper flowers and greenery are a more permanent option. Pick out your favorite ones and glue them onto the frame of the mirror. If you have a rectangular mirror, you could arrange them along two opposite corners. And if you have an oval mirror, again you could begin at the top and follow one curve downwards. And round mirrors look very pretty with flowers all around their edges. And if you feel you don’t like frames, you could always get your mirror bevelled instead.

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Using mirrors and flowers together can alter the feel of any room almost instantly. All you need is mirror, some flowers and a little imagination and you’re good to go. Enjoy!!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Home Decor that Draws the Line Secret

DRAW BOLD BLACK LINES ARE USED TO MAXIMUM EFFECT IN THESE DECEPTIVE DESIGNS. Consequent from one of the best primary building blocks of art – the line drawing –these amazing pieces tread a fine line (quite literally) between special size, often causing one to do a duel obtain. Based on two-dimensional line drawings to create three-dimensional shapes, the Les Ailes Noires collection of shelves, racks and a mirror by Canadian studio +tongtong lures people in for a closer inspection by tricking their perceptions of space and volume.

Drawing along the same lines, but with an added edge is the Tilt rack by German designer.It may look like a Simple sketch of a locker on the wall, this deceptive piece can in fact unfold outwards to morph into a clothes rail with the help of rotatable joints, which can be locked into position. This collapsible design won Tina the second prize of the D3 Contest for young designers at the furniture show earlier this year.

A similar optical illusion is applied to the POV (point of view) and Bottle candle made by Sweden’s Note Design  Studio and Dutch designer Peter van de  Water respectively. When viewed face  on, these holders appear like flat graphic outlines. It’s only when they’re seen at  another angle that the playful objects unveil  themselves to be three-dimensional. This simple yet dramatic idea is  interpreted on a larger scale by London-based designer Michael Anastassiades. By rethinking the role of the often-overlooked electric cables of pendant lamps, Michael’s  series of String lights for Flos uses these cords to outline volumes and geometric shapes that are suspended in mid-air – just like line drawings.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Who Else Is Lying To Us About family room design ideas?

Family Room     

As fewer of our homes have formal living rooms on the West Coast and in the Mountain West, the family room Has begun to serve multiple purposes for our lives. It’s a place for us to gather after dinner and watch TV, it’s a place to entertain friends, and it’s a place to curl up with a book on a Saturday. As a result, family rooms need to have  enduring and comfortable upholstered  pieces and plenty of horizontal surfaces for people to set something down.

The family room is also a great place to introduce color. Be sure to select something  that you won’t tire of. It’s much easier to replace throw pillows or a small drink table than  an entire sofa in a Bright tropical pattern (unless you’re decorating your Bahamian beach house, of course). That being said, the sofa and chairs need not be neutrals like cream, taupe, or beige, but can bring a sophisticated element with a navy mohair sofa or by introducing one arm chair with an animal print. Proper lighting for how you will be using the room will help set the mood. Introduce lighting at different levels—table lamps, overhead lighting, and floor lamps or sconces. Always use dimmers as you will want different lighting for a cocktail party compared to a kid’s birthday party.

In every seating place, there should be a place to set something in accomplish. In some Cases, the coffee table will be too far away and you’ll want to add a small drink table.This is another chance to add a fun pop of color or to showcase a pretty accessory.

Dining Room

Dining rooms revolve around the table. Choosing the right table greatly depends on the layout and size of your room as well as a few other key pieces, but there is definitely a formula which will lead you in the right direction.
With knowledge of the right formula and an idea of the look you are going for, choosing a dining table for your dining room can be a simple process.

Measure your space: You should even mark out the size of your desired table on the floor with masking tape. This is The most important step so do not leave the house until you have done this! The worst feeling in the world is to fall in love within a desk, carry on the home,  find that there is not enough room to walk around it.

Allow at least 30- 36 inches of space between the table and anything around it whether it is a wall, a buffet, or a cabinet.This is how much room you need to push your chair back to comfortably leave the table or walk behind the guests.

·How many people usually dine at the table? Most of the people like 2 feet of dining space, and if your family is small framed, you could get by with small less. If You  are living with small family regularly entertain large numbers of guests, consider a table with extensions so that you don't feel that you are miles away from each person.

Rectangular tables are much more space efficient than round or oval tables. There is less room wasted in the middle (diners only need 14" depth.) However, surrounding tables are the most favorable to easy conversation with a larger collection. Consider how room you include and make a decision accordingly.
Dining tops are typically available in wood, veneer, acrylic, and glass (lesser fund tops are of stone). Determine the level of durability that your lifestyle requires -think about how often you keep amused, how often you actually be seated at the table to like a nice serving of food.

Friday, August 22, 2014

The New Destination of Luxury life with Materials

Luxury speaks louder with the New Generation, as every article is master crafted to give you a legendary experience supreme quality that conforms to your own class of richness.
I am the Person Who is seeking the most exciting home design tips  with most luxurious lifestyles each season to keep you fresh & fitness.

The Steps of your Luxury Lifestyle:

Furniture:   There are earth friendly options for every material of plastic. You can use sustainable reclaimed wood for your furniture. With the new technologies, recycled metal and plastic is improving in quality, making them a viable option. And when you are planning a revamp, don't dumb old furniture. Just Make sure it reaches a good home for re-use.

Lighting:   The  Kinds of lights and fixtures you use combined with a change in habits can make all the difference. LED or light emitting diode, is a technology  that allows for extremely energy efficient and extremely long lasting solutions. Use the Eco-friendly lamps & light fixtures, especially recycled ones.
Be careful while disposing lighting materials as some of them may contain mercury. But the best source of lighting is the sun, so ample use of sunlight hours.

Water:  Water is the most valuable resource and the most misused one too. Check & replace faulty faucets and fixtures. Cultivate good water habits like re-using water. Harvesting rainwater and recycling grey water for domestic use also helps save water to a large extent.

Work:  Since a computer is central to everyone's work, optimizing energy setting for computers and other devices can be an energy saver. Minimize the use of paper at work and use green materials. Redesign your work space, starting with good furniture, good lighting, and fresh air. get your colleagues in the act as well.

Transport:  Keep your Car in tune with regular checks and have clean air filters that will help you burn less gas. Pollute less and prevent car trouble in the line. Go easy on the AC. Find coworker neighbors and fellow students headed the same direction to make carpool. If possible keep the car at home and use public transport.